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A recent trip by us to the Hook of Holland resulted in a fascinating discovery! We decided to get away for a couple of days by taking the Stena ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland on Friday, returning Saturday.


We read about the 'Museum RockArt' in one of the brochures on the ferry, & so on Saturday morning we went looking for what appeared to be an interesting rock music museum. We didn't realise what we'd find!


A short walk from the town centre, & close to the ferry dock, is situated an amazing collection of rock memorabilia dating back to the 1950's, including instruments, posters, books, records, jukeboxes & video displays. The exhibits are exceptionally well displayed, & for what we understand to be a privately run museum this is certainly one of the best collections we have seen.


Whilst the displays of rock music memorabilia made the visit worthwhile, we did not expect to find the additional radio related items. Museum RockArt houses an extensive offshore radio collection, mainly covering the period 1959 to 1974 & in particular Radio Veronica, & includes the original broadcast studio from their second radioship the MV Norderney. Other exhibits include posters, recording equipment, transmitter items, clothing, record decks, cart machines, photographs, radioship models & roadshow equipment.


Next to the museum is also a well stocked shop selling music LP's, CD's & rock related items, & a large selection of offshore radio DVD's, mugs, posters & books.      


Our visit to Museum RockArt certainly made our brief trip to the Netherlands a memorable one. We could only stay a short while before heading back to the Stena Hollandica ferry, so we will definitely be back to spend more time in this fascinating museum!


Our grateful thanks to the museum owner & the volunteers for making us very welcome.    

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A visit to the     'Museum RockArt'     www.rockart.nl    

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For further details of opening times, exhibitions, location & webshop,

visit the Museum RockArt website




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