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It would be lovely to discover a cache of 2MT recordings hidden away in a secret vault somewhere, but - in 1922 we had no reel to reel tape recorders, cassette players or mp3 recorders !


As far as we know there were no actual broadcast recordings made, however there are various documentary & interview recordings of Peter Eckersley recreating the sound of 2MT at a later date & also of other hut members telling the 2MT story.


We have collected a variety of 2MT & radio related documentary programmes & these are available to listen to via an internet streaming service called 'Mixcloud'. Click on the links on the right hand side to visit our two main Mixcloud pages, or click on one of the sample programmes below to listen via this web page.


'Sounds from the Ether' - a BBC Essex documentary circa 1986, detailing the invention of the wireless & the birth of broadcasting, & covering the 2MT story.      

'60 Years of Radio' - an Essex Radio documentary circa 1982, detailing the start of British broadcasting & the history of Guglielmo Marconi, & covering the 2MT story.      

The story of 2ZY, the newly formed BBC station for Manchester which commenced transmissions in 1922. The documentary contains reference to Peter Eckersley & Writtle.

The first 40 years of BBC Engineering - a talk by Captain Peter Eckersley to the BBC Engineering Society in 1960, covering the beginning of wireless, & formation & development of the BBC. Also includes input from other 2MT pioneers Noel Ashbridge & Rowland Wynn.  

A one hour radio play by author Tim Wander recreating the Writtle broadcasts from 2MT. Producer - Dennis Rookard. (Our thanks to Tim Wander for permission to include this recording here).

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