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About Us

We are the 'Chelmsford Calling Network' - an enthusiast organization & somewhat grand title for yours truly Jim Salmon, friends & colleagues.


Previous projects include a number of local RSL's (short term limited coverage radio broadcasts) under the station name of 'Chelmsford Calling' with our unique radio programmes playing vintage music & comedy for the 'mature listener'.


Between July 2001 & February 2007 we carried out 4 successful broadcasts & a short lived community radio service. Chelmsford Calling then disappeared for some time - as all good things do !


We then entered the world of radio experimentation with amateur 'ham' radio, & as members of the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society have transmitted from an unusual wooden hut in Sandford Mill Museum - a hut with a curious history...


In 2014 & 2015 we produced the 'Chelmsford Calling World Service', a monthly one hour information & music programme broadcast on various outlets including short wave relay transmitters across America & Europe; an enjoyable return to broadcasting !


For some strange reason the history of the hut, & moreso the people who worked therein, has become intriguing. We were briefly aware of the '2MT' story over the years & recent research has raised our interest & curiosity, leaving us with an unusual idea.


In 1922 the team working at Writtle in a cold wooden hut in a sometimes waterlogged field appear to have been a fascinating group of enthusiastic, cheerful, high spirited, irreverent, young & very clever individuals. Not only did they go on to play major roles in the BBC & with Marconi, but they also - perhaps unintentionally - created the UK's first regular broadcast wireless station !


So here is our unusual idea... How about paying tribute to those Writtle hut pioneers with a radio project which revives the spirit of 2MT, & at the same time rekindles & brings to a new generation their passion for radio experimentation ?


We'll keep you posted on any progress...         Stay tuned...!

Here's a taste of one of our Chelmsford Calling broadcasts - reported on Anglia News

For further details of our radio activities visit our Chelmsford Calling Network / Chelmsford Calling World Service pages.  Click on the logos below...

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''I have chosen to think that ideas are more important than organizations, and, if that has been, as some might think, my mistake, it has nevertheless been my inspiration.''


         Peter Eckersley - The Power Behind The Microphone