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Our first celebration broadcast is now complete, & our conclusion is - 'it was all rather fun'...!


From Sunday 12th February to Tuesday 14th February 2017 we celebrated 2MT with an internet radio service including various live programmes from the original 2MT 'Long Low Hut' now preserved at Sandford Mill Museum here in Chelmsford, Essex, UK. Whilst in the hut, we were joined by members of the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society who were operating a special event amatur radio station using the callsign 'GB95 2MT'. We therefore for the first time in 95 years actually broadcast, & transmitted, from this historic building.


As detailed on this website, our purpose for this project is to celebrate the UK's first regular broadcast station & raise awareness of current technology & amateur radio. We are happy to have been able to expand on the 2MT story & bring this to a new audience, paying tribute to all those involved.


There were many high points during our broadcast including being interviewed on BBC 5 Live & BBC Essex, however for me the main highlight was at 7pm on Tuesday 14th February, exactly 95 years on from when 2MT started transmissions. At this time we raised a glass & drank a toast to (1) 2MT & all involved, (2) radio hams past, present & future, & (3) Captain Peter Eckersley. We were joined in the hut by amateur radio & museum friends & colleagues, & we are sure the spirits from the past were looking on...!  


For further information including programme recordings, videos, photos, publicity details, & our schedule of programmes, click on the links below.

95th Anniversary Broadcast - Summary                        from Jim Salmon 2E0RMI

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A poignant moment during the 3 days was on Tuesday afternoon when we were visited by Shirley, the daughter of Tom Eckersley, Peter's elder brother. Now in her 80's, we enjoyed talking about family & history, & I was pleased to be able to play her a recording of an interview with Peter Eckersley, most likely from the 1950's, in which he credits his brother Tom for being the inspiration to him at school to 'be a wireless engineer'.


In summary, I would like to say thank you to everyone involved & in particular everyone who e-mailed us & interacted with us on social media. We will obviously aim to be back with you for the centenary celebrations, but I have a feeling you may hear from us before then...!  





A selection of audio & video recordings from our 3 days.


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A look at listening & other figures & various archived pages.


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Magazines & websites who spread the word.



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Photos from the 'long low hut' & the 'short high roof'.


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